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Rose City Gymnastics Club
Recreational Courses
There are three steps to enroll in a Rose City rec course:
(1) Login (or create an account) on the Customer Service Portal.  Your account is permanently linked to the email address you use.

(2)  Go to the Club Registrations tab and review the available courses and various class times.  A complete schedule of all classes within each course is located on this page and is updated daily for availability.

(3)  Click on the "Course Enrollment Form" button at the top of the page.  You can also find the course enrollment form on the "Forms & Information" tab.  Be sure you include your class schedule preference in the form comment box.  A business manager will contact you to follow up with confirming your enrollment and payment information.
Recreation Course Descriptions & Tuition Costs
Tumble Tots (co-ed, parent participation). Prerequisite: ages 18 months to 48 months by date of birth.  This one-hour class is a Parent Participation Class in which the parent guides the child through the gymnastics training under supervision of the instructor.  The objectives are to teach the gymnast basic gym safety, familiarity with equipment and gym environment, emphasis on following instructions, and mental focus.  During the first 40 minutes the instructor organizes the class under a weekly lesson plan and works with the parents as they assist their gymnasts.  The last 20 minutes is “open” gym time where the parents supervise their children as they practice the skills they have learned.  These young gymnasts learn all of the basic first steps of gymnastics, and most of the training work is done on the same equipment as advanced gymnasts.  Member tuition 4 weeks $54, non-member $60.  8-week minimum registration.  A 10% multi-class discount is applied when two or more classes are taken per week.
Junior Gymnast (co-ed) Prerequisite:   Age 48 months (by date of birth) or successful completion of Tumble Tots class.  This course teaches the gymnast, using fun techniques, equipment safety issues, concentration and focus, basic use of bars, tumbling, and balance beam, and the beginning steps for vault.  These basic steps help the young gymnast to develop confidence and a stronger interest in the sport.  Instructors will employ a full regimen of  flexibility exercises which the gymnast can also perform at home on a daily basis.  Skills include basic dance steps on the floor, proper tumbling technique, approaching the vault table, trampoline skills, and proper balance beam skills.  Member tuition 4 weeks $72, non-member $80.  8-week minimum registration.  A 10% multi-class discount is applied when two or more classes are taken per week.
Womens Jr. Level 1. Prerequisite:  Ages 6 through 7, calculated by date of birth, OR successful completion of Junior Gymnast.  60 minutes.  This class is more skill oriented and physically challenging for this age group, and is identical to the 2012 USA Gymnastics Level 1 syllabus.   Jr. Level 1 focuses on gymnastics fundamentals, creative movement, listening skills and coordination.  This class introduces the student to all Level 1 skills, safety, and terminology.  Upon successful completion of the USAG minimum requirements for floor, vault, balance beams, and uneven bars, the gymnast will be eligible to progress to USAG Level 1.  Member tuition 4 weeks $72, non-member $80.  8-week minimum registration.A 10% multi-class discount is applied when two or more classes are taken per week.
Womens Level 1.  Prerequisites:  Minimum starting age 8 or older, based on date of birth (must have reached 8th birthday), OR younger age gymnasts with successful graduation from Jr. Level 1.  Intermediate skills are based on USA Gymnastics Level 1 Manual requirements.  Progressions required for more advanced skills (round-offs, back-bends, handstand holds, etc) are emphasized in these classes along with basic dance skills, vault landing, balance beam, uneven bars, and flexibility, in a positive, structured environment.   Floor and vault routines required for eligibility to advance to Level 2.  75-minute class.  Member tuition 4 weeks $90, non-member $100.  8-week minimum registration.  One, two, or three classes a week are recommended.  A 10% multi-class discount is applied when two or more classes are taken per week.

Mens Level 1
Womens Level 2
Mens Level 2
Womens Level 3
Mens Level 3
Tumbling & Trampoline (advanced athletes)
We are located at 6880 NE 79th Court
Portland, Oregon  97218

Phone:  503-281-1314

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