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BELIEVE Camps: Teach kids self-worth, confidence, goal-setting, physical endurance, skill development, and leadership.
Register Now.  Take your child’s camp to the next level with three camps in one!   Believe Camps are pure gymnastics fun; each week of camp includes 25 clinics and classes, including gymnastics (bars, vaulting, balance), obstacle course, trampoline, tumbling and drill (synchronized tumbling, Ninja course).  Campers learn and perfect basic skills as they progress through the week so that by the end of the week the campers have their own proficiency level.  Full-day camps are 7 hours long, and typically have 6 training clinics or classes per day, with lots of time sandwiched in for fun activities.  Half-day camps are 3.5 hours.

Check-in time is 8:45 AM.  (Campers who arrive after 9:00 AM and miss the conditioning may not be admitted.)  Check out time for half-day camp is 12:30 PM, and checkout time for full day camp is 4:00 PM.  Our new facility is air conditioned so campers will have a fun-packed day regardless of the weather.

Camp tuition standard fees are as follows:
Full Week Full Days Camp:  $261 member, $290 non-member
Full Week Half Days Camp:  $171 member, $190 non-member
Daily Full Day Camp:  $67.50 member, $75 non-member
Daily Half Day Camp:  $36 member, $40 non-member
Believe Camps are ideal for children ages 5 to 13; ages 5 through 6 are limited to half-day camps only. Believe Camps provide a different and exciting method of instruction for youth.  The Believe Camps program activities take place entirely within the safe boundaries of the Clubhouse.  The Believe Camps program is designed so that beginners learn with experienced students.  Groups are skill-based, without regard to age; with this method, the younger children develop new skills, while the older campers learn confidence and leadership.  Believe Camps has a very high success rate with beginner-level gymnasts, while allowing experienced gymnasts to maintain physical condition and form.  Parents report that their children come home after a day of camp with a renewed enthusiasm for continuing their gymnastics skills.

Each full day of camp includes six 50-minute training clinics which equal three weeks of regular gymnastics and cheer training, in a single day.  The last clinic of the day is actually a regular USA Gymnastics format class, giving campers a realistic class experience.  Blocks of time are scheduled between clinics for rest, play, group games, snacks, and socializing.  The important feature is that after each day of camp the kids go home with a realization that they have improved on their skills. 

While the kids are having fun, the physical intensity is often greater than the children realize; for that reason, leisure time and breaks are required.  Parents may observe an increase in consumption of carbohydrate and fatty foods; this is a normal and healthy reaction for the campers.  Camp staff encourage the campers to consume extra amounts of water during the camp week, and parents should do the same at home to avoid sore muscles caused by dehydration.  Campers must bring a water bottle.

Members receive a 10% discount off of the regular camp price.  Camps are sold and reserved online by logging into the Customer Service Portal.  You can create a Portal account using only your email address, name, and phone number.

The minimum age for full-day camps is 7, but parents should be mindful if child is not expreienced to be a full day away from home.  Children age 5 and older are eligible for half-day morning camps (junior camp).  Parents are welcome to remain on the premises, and must remain in the parent waiting area where a monitor is available for viewing the classes.
Believe Winter Camp
December 17 - 21
Weekly & Daily Camp
Registration Now Open
Clubhouse is located at
6880 NE 79th Court
Portland, Oregon  97218
Clubhouse: 503-281-1314
Office: 503-922-2070
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