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Rose City Gymnastics Club is focused on recreational gymnastics for boys and girls.  Our recreation club  program offers students a path to either Competition Team Club or advanced recreational gymnastics.  Boys sports include pommel horse, vaulting, rings, high bar, parallel bars, and floor routine.  Girl's sports include balance beam, vaulting, uneven bars, and floor routine.  Advanced sports for boys and girls include all of the above, plus tumbling and trampoline.  Recreation training begins as early as age 18 months in our parent-participation class.  Students can continue in the advanced classes to age 22. gymnastics-beam-main_Full

team1Believe Gymnastics Club.  Competion team Boys and girls can begin competition training as young as 5 years old. The Believe Gymnastics Team Club trains in competition levels for Xcel, Women's Junior Olympic, and Mens Junior Olympic Programs.  Competitions are held at venues throughout the State and Region.  Xcel Levels can advance to State Championship Competition.  Junior Olympic levels can advance to State and Regional Championship competitions.  All Believe Gymnastics Team Competition events are sanctioned by USA Gymnastics, the organization that manages the US Olympic Gymnastics Team.

Believe  Drill Club partcipates in public performances at local venues and events.  There is no fee or cost for Drill Club (other than uniforms) but Drill Club particpants must be members in good standing in either Rose City Gymnastics (recreation) Club or a member of the Believe Gymnastics Team Club.  Drill Club is a unique opportunity for boys and girls not offered by any other cheer or gymnastics club in the Portland metro area.  In addition to advanced skills, students learn discipline, focus, and develop a strong bond with team mates.  Rehearsal activity is maximized into small blocks of time which means the young performers engage in an elevated level of focus and teamwork. IMG_20151217_080654

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Northeast Gym: 6880 NE 79th Court, Portland, Oregon 97218
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