Reserve Summer Camps Now. The Clubhouse will be closed Independence Day, July 4th!
Registration Open: 2024 Summer Camps
Class Length:  40-50 minutes
Club Membership:  Required
Dress Code:  NinjaZone Uniform Required, a uniform ensemble will be purchased when you complete the initial enrollment form for $54.50 from the Pro Shop.
Group 1: 4-week Session:  $99.00
Group 1: 13-week Session: 
Group 2 & 3: 4-week Session  $108.00
Group 2 & 3: 13-week Session  $324.00
Prices quoted assume 1 class per week at the Club Member rate after discounted at 10% of standard non-member rate.)
Course availability: 52 weeks yearly
Minimum registration period:
8 weeks
Cancellation: 7-day advance notice required before end of Session
Makeup Class: 
On space-available basis only
Club Membership Discounts Available:
Missed class insurance (free make-ups for missed classes)
10% Tuition Discount
10% Multi-Class Discount (more than one class or siblings per week)
10% off most Pro-shop apparel (not including team uniforms)
10% off parties, parents night out, public events
Registration and Class Schedule Information:
Course Registration and class assignments can be completed in the Customer Service PortalLogin to your account (or create a new account) online to register for NinjaZone or to view the updated schedule of available classes. 
Course Description:
•  Each Ninja Level is subdivided by the ninja's age.  Age groupings may vary depending on the class level.  Low student to trainer ratio (6 to 1).

•  Current levels are White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Red.  Each degree of the ninja's level is designated by the colored headband and wristband as earned by the ninja at his/her ceremonial mission.

•  Age subdivisions are Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Beginner 3, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, Advanced 1, and Advanced 2.  The age range varies for each group varies depending upon the level and ninja enrollment.

•  Group 1 (ages 4-5 years) Lil' Ninja classes are co-ed.  All other classes are boy and girl specific; Group 2 ages 6-7 years, and Group 3 for ages 8-11.

•  NinjaZone attire is required for every class

•  The core course curriculum is the same for each level each week across all classes

•  Ceremonial Missions are scheduled for ninjas to qualify and advance to the next level.

•  To enroll, select Course Enrollment form on the Registration tab in the Customer Service Portal

What is NinjaZone?
From NinjaZone HQ:  "We are the first and still the fastest growing, youth Ninja training program. At NinjaZone, we’ve developed an athletic training curriculum to maximize all of your child’s Ninja skills. It is inspired by the discipline from martial arts, coordination from gymnastics, strength and agility from obstacle course training, and creativity from parkour and freerunning. Classes are led by highly qualified Ninja Coaches. The result is undeniable - focused energy, work ethic, and self-responsibility.

At NinjaZone, we believe in well-rounded kids. Sure, if a child can perform Ninja skills to the highest level, they’re awesome! But, what makes them more awesome? If they’re an amazing human, of course! That’s what we’re creating here! The discipline from our program socializes children and allows them to understand what it means to respect their Coaches, teachers, parents, and other important adults in their lives. It may seem silly out on the floor some days, but as Coaches review the Ninja Creed with their students, they’re talking about important life lessons that will continue to mold them and stick with them for years."

The Ninja Creed:
• Respect and Honor my parents, teachers, siblings, peers & authority figures.
• Use proper manners at home and in public.
• Take self-responsibility for my actions.
• Exhibit impulse restraint & make good decisions.
• Work hard at everything I do.
• Never let any obstacles get in the way of success.
• Help others grow to the next level.
• Have fun while being responsible and safe.
• Use my Ninja powers only for good and helpful purposes.
• Resolve conflict in a peaceful, quiet and respectul manner.
• Reach my full potenial each day by pushing my body, mind & soul.
• Learn at least one new thing each day in school, at home, or in Ninja class.

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