Womens USAG Level 3
Xcel Level 2 (Rec Course)
Class Length:  2 hours each
Classes Per Week: 2 (3 optional)
Club Membership:  Required
Dress Code For This Class
Member 4-week Session:  $210.00
Member 13-week Session: 
Course availability: 52 weeks yearly
Minimum registration period:
8 weeks
Cancellation: 7-day advance notice required
Makeup Class Policy
Club Discounts Available:
•  3% Autopay Discount
Registration and Class Schedule Information:
Course Registration and class assignments can be completed in the Customer Service PortalLogin to your account (or create a new account) online to register for this class or to view the updated schedule of available classes.
Course Description:
     Prerequisite: successful completion of Womens USAG JO Level 2, and mobility evaluation including Level 2 floor and balance beam routines with an all around average score of 8.0 or higher, on advice of instructor; OR transfer from Xcel competion team club.
      Xcel Level 2 is a continuation of advanced Xcel skill levels which are based on USA Gymnastics Xcel Level 2 Manual requirements.  Progressions required for more advanced skills are emphasized in these classes along with basic dance skills, vault landing, balance beam, uneven bars, and flexibility, in a positive, structured, supervised environment. 
   Required 2 classes weekly (4 hours total per week), and a 3rd class is optional at no extra charge.  USAG floor and balance beam routines required for eligibility to advance to Level 3.  This course also prepares young athletes for advancement to one of the Believe Competition Club should she desire to compete in amateur competitions in the USA Gymnastics program.
     Please open and review the link for Dress Code For This Class and Makeup Class Policy.

New Primary Skills Mastered In This Class:

Balance Beam:
• Leg Swing Mount and Whip To Kneeling
• Lever to Cross Handstand
• Backard Walks In Relevé
• Rond De Jambe
• Arabesque Balance (45-degrees)
• Step Leap (90-degrees)
• Stretch Jump (multiple)
• Pivot Turn Series
• Heel Snap Turn
• Cartwheel to Side Handstand, 1/4 Turn Dismount

• Accelerated Run maintaining speed
• Hurdle contacting the spring board with feet in front of body
• Punch to Handstand Flat Back onto 32" mat stack or higher

Uneven Bars:
• Glide Swing to Pullover
• Cast to Horizontal
• Back Hip Circle
• Front Hip Circle
• Shoot Through
• Mill Circle and/or Single Leg Basket Swing
• Underswing Dismount

Floor Exercise:
• Lever to Handstand to Bridge
• Bridge Kickover (120-degrees)
• Handstand Forward Roll Straight Arms
• Back Extension Roll to Push-up Position
• Run, Hurdle, Roundoff Flic Flac
• 1/2 Turn In Passé
• Chassé Step Leap (90-degrees)
Split Jump (90-degrees)
• Forward Splits on ground (180-degrees)
New Supplemental Skills Taught In This Class:

Balance Beam:
Series of Split Jumps on Spring Surface
Handstand Forward Roll on low beam
Cartwheel on low beam

Handspring over Level 3 mat stack turned sideways
Handspring from elevated surfaces
3/4 Front Salto Stretch to Flat Back

Uneven Bars:
Hanging Arch to Hollow Snaps
Drop Kip
Squat On
Glide Kip

Floor Exercise:
Front Limber
Power Hurdle Front Handspring
Back Extension Roll to Handstand down wedge

All Jumps
Front Handsprings
Roundoff Flic Flac
Front Salto
Front Drops
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