Junior Level 1
Junior Level 1
(girls ages 6 to 7 years)
Class Length:  60 minutes
Club Membership:  Mandatory
Dress Code For This Class
Member 4-week Session:  $80.00
Member 13-week Session: 
Prices quoted assume 1 class per week)
Course availability: 52 weeks yearly
Minimum registration period:
8 weeks
Cancellation: 7-day advance notice required
Makeup Class Policy
Club Discounts Available:
•  10% Multi-Class Discount (more than one class or siblings per week)
•  3% Autopay Discount
Registration and Class Schedule Information:
Course Registration and class assignments can be completed in the Customer Service PortalLogin to your account (or create a new account) online to register for this class or to view the updated schedule of available classes.
Course Description:
     Prerequisite: age 6 years by date of birth, or successful completion of Junior Gymnast course on advice of instructor.
     This class is more skill oriented and physically challenging for this age group, and is identical to the 2012 USA Gymnastics Womens Level 1 syllabus.   Jr. Level 1 focuses on gymnastics fundamentals, creative movement, listening skills and coordination.  This class introduces the student to all Womens Level 1 skills, safety, and terminology.  Upon successful completion of the USAG minimum requirements for floor, vault, balance beams, and uneven bars, the gymnast will be eligible to progress to USAG Level 1. 
     A child may advance to the next level (Level 1) earlier than the specified age.  Advancement is recommended by the instructor when the student successfully completes a mobility evaluation with an average score of 8.0 or higher, or the student has attained her 8th birthday.  Recommended 1 or 2 classes weekly.
     Please open and review the link for Dress Code For This Class and Makeup Class Policy.
New Primary Skills Mastered In This Class:

Balance Beam:
• Jump to Support and Bend Legs Behind Mount
• Knee Scale Balance
• Passé Balance
• Candlestick
• Lever to "T" (brief)
• Walks with proper form
• Stretch Jump Dismount

• Run with proper form
• Hurdle
• Stretch Jump onto 8" mat

Uneven Bars:
• Kickover/Pullover
• Cast with hips off bar
• Cast Pushaway Dismount

Floor Exercise:
• Lever to Handstand in Split
• Cartwheel
• Forward Roll Tuck
• Backward Roll Tuck down wedge
• Candlestick
• Chassé
• Straight Jump
• Tuck Jump
New Supplemental Skills Taught In This Class:

Balance Beam:
• Arabesque (30 degrees)
• Tuck Jump off spring board

• Running Drills
• Handstand Shrugs on wall
• Tree Fall on pit mat

Uneven Bars:
• Floor Bar Squat on, Jump off, & Safety Roll
• Floor Bar Straddle Sole Circles

Floor Exercise:
• Straddle Press
• Walking with a Turnout
• Tripod Headstand
• Straight-arm Bridge

• Straight Jump
• Tuck Jump
• Straddle Jump
• Seat Drop on pit mat
•Table Drop on pit mat
• Back Drop on pit mat
Clubhouse is located at
7028 NE 79th Court
Portland, Oregon  97218
Phone 503-281-1314
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