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membershipMembership privileges and big discountsMembership is optional but highly recommended.  Member discounts can be taken off the price of class tuition, gym activities, and certain Club Pro Shop merchandise an average 10% off the public price, simply by presenting your Club card at the time of purchase.  Membership is active for one calendar year from the date of purchase through the Pro Shop Online or in person at the Club Pro Shop. 

    • Classic Individual Membership$50.00 per child or adult per year.  Buy now.
    • Classic Family Membership: $75.00 for entire family per year (immediate parents & children only).  Buy now.
    • Group Membership$500.00 unlimited families per year.  Created for employers, associations, unions, schools, home schoolers, or organizations with 10 or more families, or form your own private group with 10 or more families!  100% of Group Membership dues fund scholarships for at-risk children and financially challenged families.  Buy now.
    • Upgrade:  Use this option to upgrade from an existing individual membership to family membership ($25.00 to upgrade).  Please upgrade through the Pro Shop.

When you purchase a Individual, Family, or Group membership, you receive valuable discounts through the Club Pro Shop and 10% discount on all tuition.  Discounts apply to all recreational class tuition.  We offer a variety of courses built on our family-friendly platform.  USA Gym Clubs also offers training programs for recreation and competitive gymnastics on the Believe Team Clubs.

Group members receive discount benefits for their employees or organizational members.  For example, if your business has 10 employees, each employee's family is covered under a separate family membership for one group rate.

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