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USA Gym Clubs Student Registration Agreement & Terms

Parent, guardian, or adult participant agrees to the following terms and conditions under this Course Agreement with Believe LLC dba USA Gym Clubs (hereinafter "Club").  This Agreement is incorporated by reference in the Class Registration Form.

  1. Club Participation and Acceptance.  Participation in Club Programs constitutes acceptance of this Agreement and Terms,
    • A working email address is required for business communications. 
    • Participants agree to provide Club with a suitable email address for Club communications, payment receipts, notices, invoicing, and alerts.
    • This information is never shared with any third party except for payment partners such as PayPal for purposes of making online payments and sending receipts.
  2. Tuition.  Cash tuition payments are applied to account and are not refundable for any reason other than error.  Tuition subscriptions may be paid online through auto-invoice, or in person at the Club Pro Shop.
  3. Each class is sold in perpetual periods of four-week blocks called "sessions".  Each session is exactly 4 weeks and all classes auto-renew at the beginning of the fourth week for the next four week session.  All enrollments automatically self-renew under this agreement.  There are 13 sessions in a calendar year, with the first session beginning January 1, and the last session ending December 31.
  4. Quarterly tuition is also available at an additional discount.  Quarterly tuition is due five days before the beginning of each calendar quarter: January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1.
  5. The applicable price for each course is posted on course description page and is subject to change upon 28 days advance notice on the respective class web page.
  6. Withdrawal.  A student may withdraw from a course at the end of any 4-week (or quarterly) class session upon valid written seven-day advance notice using the Club Drop Form, which is provided online for each class.
  7. Failure to timely withdraw from a class will result in a minimum penalty of 25%, and up to 100%, of the next session tuition, depending on when the drop request is submitted.  Any unpaid tuition is immediately due and payable regardless of the reason why a withdrawal was not timely submitted.  A seven-day written notice of withdrawal is required, and can be submitted by written letter, email, or use of the online withdrawal form from the class description page.
  8. Payments.  The minimum tuition subscription payment is four weeks.  A pro-rated registration will adjust the current session, and the next full session will be charged in full to payor's payment account.
  9. Payments which have not cleared ten days after the class start date will result in a $10 late fee.  Payment due dates are published on the Payments Page.
  10. Payments made online line are eligible for a 5% discount when made prior to the Discount Date.  Customer can make direct payment using online invoice, or can optionally store payment information with PayPal for payment convenience.  Currently available Payment Methods include:
    • Cash, check, or credit card paid at Club Pro Shop (checks can be left in drop box)
    • Quick Pay Online using PayPal or Credit/Debit card at the web site.
    • Automatic Invoice which will automatically bill the customer for payment at the PayPal secure payment web site (or other third-party secure payment web service).
  11. QuarterliesAn optional quarterly payment plan is available.  Payment due dates for quarterlies are five days prior to Jan.1, April 1, July 1, and Oct. 1 (Dec. 26, March 26, June 25, and Sep. 25).  Quarterly enrollment features a lower price for 13 weeks of classes and include 4 free weeks of tution over the course of a 52-week year.  All other tuition rules and makeup policies apply.
  12. Missed Classes and Excused Absence.  Students may miss up to half of the registered classes in a four-week session, for which a makeup class may be obtained.  The makeup must be taken within 90 days of the date of the missed class.  Makeup classes can be scheduled online line.  Any student attending a class as a makeup must obtain a pass from the office before checking in with the class instructor.  If a scheduled makeup class is missed, it cannot be rescheduled and has expired. 
    • Makeup Classes are scheduled through the Contact Form on the Club web site
    • See Cancellation Fee Below
  13. A student who misses four continuous classes without contacting Club administration will be automatically dropped from the class.  Tuition payment through the drop date is still due and rules pertaining to makeups and cancellation fees still apply.
  14. Cancellation Fee.  There is a $6.00 Cancellation Fee for each missed class.  If a student is registered for a class and is not present by the starting time, a $6.00 fee will be immediately assessed to the student account and is payable by the next class or makeup class.  If the missed class is an excused absense under the policy above, the $6.00 fee will be refunded to the student account upon successful completion of the makeup class.  If the makeup class is not successfully completed, there will be no refund.  For more information on Cancellation Fees, please visit our blog on Tumblr.
  15. Classes which are canceled by the instructor or the Club are automatically eligible for makeup, and will not incur a cancellation fee.  A cancellation may occur when there is adverse weather, the instructor is unable to attend, or a major holiday.  The major holidays include Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas.  Classes are normally held on all other federal and state holidays.  See Rule No. 12 which explains makeup procedures.

Club Rules For Parents

  1. Parents are NEVER permitted on gym equipment at any time.
  2. Parents cannot enter the gym floor instruction area without instructor's permission and supervision.
  3. Parents and guests must remain in the guest seating area during all classes.  It is NOT intended that the guest seating area be used for observing classes and activities, especially classes with younger children.  Class observation can be disruptive, is strongly discouraged, and poses a safety hazard if children perceive they are being observed by their parents or others.  Class instruction time should be uninterrupted personal time between the instructor and the students,  While parents and guests are welcome to remain in the building in the guest area, the best practice is for parents to leave the gym while classes are in progress.
  4. Parents must never talk or shout-out to their child during a class; children are not permitted to leave the class instruction area during class for any reason during class, and may not be allowed to return to the class if the student leaves without permission from the instructor.
  5. It is the responsibility of parents to make sure their student child arrives at the gym properly dressed for class at least five minutes before class starting time.

Club Rules For Gymnasts

  1. A filled plastic or metal water bottle is required for class and the bottle should be filled prior to class.  Restrooms should be used before class begins.  Students will not be permitted to leave the class instruction area for water breaks during class.  Beverages other than water are not permitted.
  2. Gymnasts must not enter the gym floor area prior to class until instructed to do so by their coach or instructor
  3. Gymnasts should arrive early and be waiting on the queue mats five minutes before the class start time until instructed to enter the gym floor by their coach or instructor.  The instructor expects to meet the gymnasts on the mat, not in the parent waiting area.  Gymnasts who arrive more than one minute late will not be permitted to start class, and a makeup will have to be scheduled.  This is a risk and safety requirement.
  4. Gymnasts must be dressed properly and must remove jewelry and secure eyeglasses tightly to avoid injury.  Check the dress code requirement for each class.  Dresses, skirts, tutus, jeans, blue jeans, jackets with buttons, zippers, or hoods are never allowed in class.  Students should be in bare feet to avoid slipping.
  5. Glass containers of any kind are NEVER permitted on the premises.  No chewing gum.  No food of any kind permitted on the gym floor.

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