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About Believe LLC  and USA Gym Clubs®

In May of 2013, Believe LLC doing business as USA Gym Clubs acquired Rose City Gymnastics Academy, which had been competing in Portland since 1999, and continues to offer the Academy's original recreational gymnastics program to families in the greater Portland area.  USA Gym Clubs also hosts Believe Summer Camps, Believe Cheer, and the Believe Womens Junior Olympic Gymnastics Competition Team.

Believe Camps at Rose City Gym
2013 Oregon Compulsory State Championship
Dream  Believe  Achieve

Our Values

USA Gym Clubs strives to provide low-cost community services by offering a series of discounts to loyal Rose City Gym members.  Youth scholarships are sometimes available to assist with financial aid.  Believe's policies constantly evolve as the needs of their customers change and as new opportunities are created in the market. You can rest assured that, working with Believe, you will experience a family-friendly community at an affordable cost.

Believe LLC's Managing Member, Nick French, believes in the strength of "CAN".  Says French, "There is a disturbing deficit of confidence in our young people today.  Complacency reigns, and we must change that trend.   At Rose City Gym we teach young people a simple step by step process to confidence, by teaching them simple skills that lead to complex skills.  We teach them to dream, to believe, and to achieve!  No one here is going to tell them that they can't.  We simply remove the word "can't" from their vocabulary."  After eleven years with Portland Community College, Mr. French retired from PCC in 2013 to accept the leadership position with Believe LLC.  Mr. French served on the board of directors of Rose City Gymnastics Academy, and on the Portland Community College Federation of Classified Employees Executive Council, prior to accepting position of Managing Member of Believe.  Mr. French was formerly a Cadet at the United States Military Academy at West Point; a graduate of Portland State University; and he received his J.D. degree from Concord Law School.  He has held management positions with numerous corporations and non-profit organizations for over 30 years.

Customer Relations:  USA Gym Clubs strives to maintain a comfortable and secure relationship with its Club Members.  Volunteer and employment positions are available for any who would like to dedicate their time to community values.  USA Gym Clubs is a member of USA Gymnastics, the organization which manages the USA Gymnastics Olympic Team.

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Northeast Club at 6880 NE 79th Court, Portland, Oregon 97218

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